What Drain Cleaner Is Safe For Toilets

Dirty toilet drains are not suitable for your health. When a toilet drain gets dirty, clean it for a smooth performance. Dirty gutters lead to gurgles, foul odors, and slow water draining. However, note that not all drain cleaners are safe for your toilets. Seek help from a trusted specialist. is a specialist who can solve all your drain issues.

Types Of Drain Cleaners

There are three different types of drain cleaners. Each drain cleaner suits different kinds of clogs and pipes. To buy the correct drain cleaner, identify the type of clog. If the clog is hard to determine, seek help from a professional plumber. Here are the different kinds of drain cleaners.

Enzymatic Drain Cleaners

They contain enzyme-releasing bacteria. Such cleaners are designed for monthly use. Enzymatic drain cleaners prevent and clear clogs of soft substances such as paper or hair. However, these cleaners take along to clear clogs and cannot handle severe clogs. Enzymatic cleaners are non-corrosive and do not contain harmful substances. Protective gear is not necessary when using such cleaners.

Caustic Drain Cleaners

They contain alkaline substances like sodium hydroxide. Caustic cleaners convert the clogged materials into a soap-like substance, which later dissolves in plain water. Moreover, they are suitable for grease, food, and scum clogs. These cleaners can unclog pipes within thirty minutes. Nevertheless, they are not ideal for toilet drains. They can cause burns or skin irritation. Besides, they tend to be corrosive.

Acidic Drain Cleaners

They contain hydrochloric or sulphuric acid. Acidic cleaners are potent in removing heavy duty clogs. They clear clog within a brief period. They have an irritating effect when they reach your skin. Some can lead to not inhale such chemicals. Protective gear is a must when using such equipment.

How To Use Toilet Cleaners Safely

Before cleaning your toilet drains, observe the following precautions. This is to help reduce accidents.

Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Ensure you follow all instructions on the product carefully. Some cleaners contain harsh chemicals, and you should handle them with care. Besides, ensure the room has proper ventilation. Rinse after not leave the toilet cleaner on your toilets for a longer time than stated.

Wear Protective Gear

Put on protective gear before washing the toilet. Wear face masks to avoid inhaling the chemicals. Gloves prevent you from touching the cleaner. Pour the cleaner far away from your body.

Pour The Cleaner Carefully

Handle the cleaner with care to avoid spillage. Some toilet cleaners contain chemicals that can damage your tiles, marbles, stones, steel, amongst other materials.

Do Not Mix Drain Cleaners

Never mix different drain cleaners or toilet cleaners with other products. If you mix different toilet cleaners, this can bring about a chemical reaction and explosion. This can also damage your toilet drains or cause injuries.

Rinse Thoroughly

After using any chemical toilet cleaner, ensure you flush the toilet. Check the label on the product to find the right water temperature. Also, follow instructions on how many times you should rinse the toilet.

Identify The Problem Of Your Toilet

Do not clear a toilet clog with any chemical cleaner. In case of a clog, go in for a plunger, natural enzyme cleaner, or a toilet auger. If the clog persists, seek help from a specialist.

Dangers of A Dirty Toilet Drain

Leads To Health Issues

Dirty toilets contain bacteria. The bacteria can easily cause health problems such as typhoid, amoeba amongst others. Also, dirty toilets can lead to clogged drains. Materials build up in your pipes when not frequently cleaned. Chronic diseases can develop due to exposure to dirt and other fecal matter.

Bad Odors

Unclean toilets release unpleasant smells. The smells can accumulate in your home, causing discomfort to you and even your surrounding neighbors. Prolonged foul odors can lead to headaches and sometimes nausea. Although the bad smell may not be directly harmful to our bodies, it leads to feelings of anxiety, tiredness, and irritability.

Leads To Stains

If you do not clean your toilet frequently, it can get permanent stains. This is both from urine and feces. Urine contains a chemical that can lead to stains. Also, the dirt accumulates in the drains. Once the gutters get clogged, they do not allow water to pass quickly. Such stagnant wastewater can lead to stains. Clean your toilets regularly. Flash with enough water after use. Thorough clean your bathroom weekly.