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What Is The Difference Between a Toilet Auger And a Snake

Maybe you have faced many bad situations but if you ever face any clogged toilet then you know what a real bad situation looks like. Those who have the experience of facing clogged toilets never want to face it again. And if you never face such a situation and don’t want to face it then you should know how to deal with this.

Every house owner should know how to unclog a toilet. And every house should have a drain cleaning tool to get rid of such situations as soon as possible. To clean a clogged toilet there are some tools available among them auger and snake are quite good. The best tool to clean a clogged toilet is an auger but finding The best toilet auger may seem a bit confusing.

Toilet Auger vs. Snake

For some situations, an auger is best to clean and for some other situation a snake is the best. The usage of these two is quite different. The size of these two is also quite different. An auger is quite bulky while a top snake is lighter. But how to know in what situation which you should use? In this article, we will guide you through the Difference between them and when should you use them.

The Toilet Auger

A Toilet auger is a very common and useful tool to unclog a clogged toilet. An auger also is known as a water closet auger. Toilet auger is well designed to clean the clog of the toilet. An auger can move through the drain. That allows it to easily remove the clogs for that stoppage is taking place.

An auger is specially designed to remove toilet clog so it can remove clog quite more efficiently than a snake. There are some varieties of an auger. Generally, most of the auger comes with a flexible head and a crank handle. Metals are used to make an auger.

The Top Snake

The top snake is a small tool to remove the clog. Top snakes are also quite a popular tool in case of removing clog. Top snakes can be used to unclog many appliances like a bathtub, kitchen sink, washing machine and many more. Simply, a top snake can be used to clean a large number of things. There are many sizes available for the top snake. So, you can choose the size according to your needs.

The structure of the top snake is also quite simple. It has a wire coil to catch the clog and a corkscrew on its tip which goes into the pipe. The Toilet snake consists of a long cord and used to remove the medium clog.

When To Use Auger And Snake

If there is minor or little clog then you should try to deal with it with a plunger or snake first.  If you see that the clog is not so minor but stubborn then you should go for an auger. That is because auger is specially designed and it can easily handle stubborn clog. So in case of a huge and stubborn clog, you should use an auger.

Differences Between auger and Snake

There is some difference between an auger and a snake. Like-

  1. A snake is a multipurpose tool. You can use it to clean many appliances. Top snake is also usable to unclog a clogged toilet. But they are just good to remove a minor clog. This cannot handle stubborn clog. On the other hand, an auger is specially designed for cleaning the toilet. It can only unclog the toilet with nothing else. But it can easily unclog stubborn clogs too.
  2. On the head of the toilet auger, there is a soft and flexible rubber that prevents scratches. But no top snake there is no such thing too often it leaves scratches.
  3. An auger is quite expensive compared to a snake.

The differences between an auger and a snake are not so big. The price you these two toilet cleaners is not so similar. If your pocket supports you then you can buy a professional auger. Or if you want a multipurpose tool then you should go for a top snake and it budgets friendly too.