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What Kind Of Shoes Are Best For Jumping Rope

Jumping rope has been the latest invention in the gym industry to make you feel more relaxed when training and also get the most out of it. The rope is an old tradition when performing gym visits but lately, it seems it has been revived again.

This type of exercise needs the best type of shoes since there are a lot of injuries associated with this type of training. You should never try to perform jumping rope being barefoot or wearing the wrong type of footwear. It could cause you severe foot impairments and even injuries that could send you to the hospital.

Jumping over the rope for hours can strengthen your feet muscles as well as your abdomen but can cause you serious trouble to your feet joints due to the constant shocks. That is why the selection of your shoes should be your primary point of interest when performing jumping rope.

What Kind Of Shoes Are Best For Jumping Rope

The Optimal Type Of Shoes For Jumping Rope

By far, the most adequate shoes for jumping rope are the sneakers. This type of shoes is the most flexible and lightweight of all and can give you extra comfort when wearing them during the jumping rope sessions.

Lightweight abilities are given to the shoes thanks to the special synthetic textiles that have been developed for that reason. They cover all the outer and inner parts of the shoes as well as the mesh and tongue to give you extra protection and offer you the chance to outperform without getting tired.

Then it comes to the safety issue. Everyone needs to feel safe when wearing his sneakers. That is why modern manufacturers are always using high-quality imported parts to bring the best safety technology to your service. The outsole remains the key safety component.

It must be equipped with special rubber lugs that increase the friction to the slippery grounds. Not to mention, that the outsole needs to be solid and not wearing off with external weather conditions. This is especially important for people that perform jumping rope outdoors and are in constant touch with the sunshine as well as the water.

Finally, sneakers are stylish and can accompany you to your visits to the gym. These shoes are the best companion for team jumping rope sessions and can give you the chance to become the center of the attention when being in the gym.

Shoes That You Should Avoid For Jumping Rope

The high heels are the number one enemy of the jumping rope training. There is no chance you can start training and jumping having your high heels on. It is generally accepted that high heels are giving you more pain when worn for long hours and can even harm your normal feet anatomy.

On the other hand, you should equally avoid slippers, spinning shoes and sandals when you are performing jumping rope. That is because this kind of footwear has no protection for the heel area that takes most of the pressure when jumping. This could lead to severe injuries or destruction of your footbed joints.

Finally, the orthotics shoes are not the best type of footwear for jumping rope since they have significantly higher outsole. This may create issues with stability and balance to the users when trying to jump. Another reason could be the lack of flexibility in the front part of the shoes that may limit the movability of the toe fingers.

Always have in mind that jumping rope requires your feet to move in their fullest potential. That is why you should always select shoes that are capable to get the job done!


Jumping rope is a difficult type of training although it can be said that it’s one of the most effective in losing weight on reinforcing your muscles. The right type of shoes can be beneficial to your overall health when performing jumping rope.

Make sure you are always aware of the latest technologies in the footwear industry, the ones that can give you maximum comfort combined with safety.

Shoes are the most important part of your outfit and you should choose them wisely to keep your self safe and sound.