Which Bank Statements Are Needed For Canada Visa

Applying for Canada visa, you have to prove that you are financially capable of supporting you and your family members who will come with you while you are staying in Canada. Now we are briefing you about which bank statements are needed for Canada visa.

Proof of Fund:

For a Canadian visa, you need to provide them the proof of funds, which varies visa to visa. Here you need to demonstrate the last five months’ all kinds of transactions. In the case of a study visa, the requirements are not the same as a tourist visa. But in every case, the required funds must have been in a particular bank account at least for 28 days.

In that case, you can show you father’s, mother’s or any legal guardian’s statement for the proof of fund. But in terms of the Canadian vis process, you must have enough money in your bank account for the particular days, which will be their requirements.

In the case of a student visa for Canada, the minimum requirement is around CAD 1000. In the case of a tourist visa, it’s about CAD 2000 for visiting 30days in Canada. You may have more money in your bank account but not below their requirement.

Important Bank Statements Needed For Canada Visa

In the case of a bank statement which information must be provided there are given below:

  • Type of the account: You have to show them that what kind of bank account you have. It may be a current account, savings account, or other. Whatever it has to be mention there.
  • Current Balance of the account: You have to demonstrate to them the current Balance of that specific date you will apply for a visa.
  • Name of the account holders: Who is the account holder? You or your parents or other legal guardians. You can show the bank statement of any of your legal guardian.
  • On which date the account was opened: When you opened your account in that bank is an important issue. If you have the account for a long time, it would be more valuable.
  • Average balance rate of the last three months: You have to show them an average balance rate of the previous three months for their authentication.
  • The current interest rate of the account: On which rate you are getting interest from your bank account, it has to be shown there.

Some Other Requirements:

  • If you transfer money to Canada, you have to mention the name of the bank. So that they can inquire about your financial condition.
  • Sometimes they ask for a bank draft which can be converted into the Canadian dollar.
  • In the case of a student visa, you need to show them the proof of paid tuition fees. If you have any scholarship, you have to demonstrate all the documents you have regarding the scholarship. If you have any study loan, you have to show them the proof.


These are the documents you need to prove your financial ability. Gather them carefully. Because bank statement is one of the essential requirements, you need to apply for the Canada visa. We discussed here briefly what the vital documents are. I hope now you know which bank statements are necessary for Canada visa.