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Why Buy An Above Ground Pool?

Pools offer you relaxation and is a great source of joy to your family. Traditional pools can cost a lot and are very spacious. For today’s’ busy individuals living in small apartments/houses, above ground pools are the best thing. There are a lot of benefits of owning an above ground pool compared to inground pools.

Cost Effective

Money is a big issue when it comes to pools. Inground pools require leveling of the ground and it is a somewhat permanent set-up; you just can’t upgrade or shift your pool easily. Installing an above ground pool will cost you way lesser than inground ones because of its’ flexibility.

Water in your inground pools can get cold easily which will require the purchase of some sort of heater. But above ground pools come with a container that can get heated with temperature rise and retain the heat for a longer period. Meaning you don’t have to spend extra on heaters.

Flexible Shape

Todays’ markets are flooded with various kinds of above ground pools. You can choose between oval-shaped, rectangular shaped, or round-shaped ones. Their sizes also vary between 6ft by 6ft and 45ft by 18 ft. Therefore, with above ground pools, you have the liberty to choose the size and shape that suits your particular needs.

Mobile Pool

The biggest advantage of owning an above ground pool is perhaps its mobility. Not all of us are blessed with a permanent residence or a huge backyard. So, having a pool that you can reassemble anytime you want is what today’s’ average households need.

With some simple steps, you can relocate your above ground pool anywhere you want. You can also travel with it, something which is impossible with inground ones. However, we do not recommend moving the semi-permanent above ground pools.

Easy Installation And Maintenance

Customers give extra credit to above ground pools because they are so easy to install and maintain compared to inground pools. If it’s a small or regular size above ground pool, it will take just 2-4hrs to install. In most cases, this is a one-man job but you might need 3-4 able-bodied men if your pool is bigger or heavier. But it’s nothing compared to the labor that goes into making an inground pool.

For inground ones, you need to prepare the place, check with an authority. There will be a lot of wear and tear in the process. Meaning extra spending and what not! However, we do recommend calling in a professional if you’re totally new to this.

If your ground is leveled and debris-free, then you’re good to go with above ground pools.

As for maintaining, it is more difficult to look for damages in an inground pool as some components may be settled out of your reach. But in an above ground pool, every component is easily accessible and replaceable. They are also very easy to clean. However, both pools may require the same cleaning equipment if their sizes are the same.

Safer: It is statistically proven that inground pool accidents are a lot more likely to happen than above ground ones. Above ground pools are difficult to get in, you have a shield around you and the depth is also less. However, safety precautions should be maintained nevertheless.


We hope you had a clear understanding of the benefits of above ground pools. Above ground, pools are winning the race through their smart features and amazing affordability. Whether it’s the shape, size, mobility, or flexibility, the benefits of them always outweigh the loss.