Why Choose VPS Hosting? 6 Best Reasons

In today’s world, the Internet has become an essential part of our lives. Whether you are a web developer, e-commerce owner, or blogger, you will need affordable web hosting. There are many options available. It can get confusing to select an ideal solution to match your requirement. We will discuss how VPS in USA provides an excellent solution to all types of web owners.

VPS is a type of web hosting that provides high performance and attractive pricing. Basic shared hosting offers the cheapest plan for beginners. Here, you will share server resources. Hence, website speed and performance is low.

Dedicated hosting offers the best performance as you will get the entire server to yourself. But the cost is high. Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers the advantage of both of these hosting. Here, you will get some partitioned part of the physical server. Your virtual server will have separate hardware and operating system. 

Different users require different performance from web hosting. Web developers need the flexibility that helps them to run various applications and software. E-commerce owners require high performance to handle a surge in traffic. Bloggers need an affordable hosting plan with better performance.

VPS in USA offer best plans for all type of users. We will discuss the benefits of VPS. There are some compelling technical reasons to choose VPS.

6 Reasons To Choose VPS Hosting?

1) VPS Is Scalable:

You will need higher server resources in case your business grows. VPS comes in handy to tackle different situations. It effortlessly manages ebb and flow of traffic.

The best thing about VPS is the various options it provides. You can start with a basic plan initially. If you are planning to expand shortly, you can scale up server resources. However big your business grows, VPS will provide you web hosting to match high traffic. 

VPS offers you a dedicated section of a physical server that you own. The virtual server contains separate RAM, CPU, storage space. Your server performance will depend on these components. 

You can upgrade this hardware to scale up VPS. VPS in USA provides high-performance CPUs. You can opt for CPU with one core to ten cores. These server CPUs are much powerful than personal computer CPUs. They designed to work in an adverse environment. 

Your server performance mostly depends on CPU specifications. VPS in USA has scalability options to add up to 4 processors. The latest high performing CPUs can match your any demand.

Random Access Memory (RAM) plays a vital role in server performance. Even basic VPS plans offer RAM between 1 GB to 12 GB. You can scale up to 1000 GB of RAM. It will easily manage your traffic surge. 

You can opt for HDD or SDD storage capacity. SDD storage offers more benefits than HDD storage. In SDD, you will get faster speeds. 

You can get 25 GB to 500 GB of SSD storage in basic plans of VPS. The best example of scalable VPS is you can get even 100 separate hard drives.

As we have discussed, you can scale VPS up or down by upgrading your server hardware.

2) VPS Offers You Control:

VPS in USA is the preferred choice of web developers, resellers. People who operate resources-intensive sites want control. VPS provides you total control over server resources. 

VPS operates similarly to an independent physical machine. It’s a virtual server located on a physical server. It’s like renting an apartment in a building where you get a separate electricity and water connection. You have complete control over its resources. Similarly, you can control your hardware and software in VPS. 

VPS provides a wide range of customization options where you have independence from other users on the same server. It offers the flexibility of applying your setting.

In shared hosting, you share server resources. It offers limited customization and administrative access. If you want control over server resources, then shift to VPS in USA.

In VPS, you can customize it on your own. There is also an expert team available at the service provider. They can help you to apply the setting you want. You have root access to VPS. You can control the server environment with management panel.

You have the freedom to install and update software in VPS. You will also benefit from features like running batch files. It can execute a series of commands. You can process multiple data with such a level of access. 

In VPS, you will get cPanel. Here, you can back up your site. VPS in USA provides excellent backup options. You can customize the control panel in VPS.

In shared hosting, some rogue software can shut you down. Other sites on the same server have access to your resources. You can run any application you like on VPS. If you want greater control over your server resources, you should shift to VPS in USA.

3) VPS Provides High Reliability:

You may have experienced downtime of a website. As a user, it can get pretty irritating. Downtime can cause substantial financial loss. In the online world, it’s tough to create and maintain customer loyalty. With downtime, there is a high risk of you losing a customer.

In VPS, you’ll get fixed bandwidth and memory. You will rarely face any downtime. In case your site grows, shared hosting can make your website very slow. VPS provides resources to manage varying traffic levels. 

Search giant Google favors sites with fast loading times by ranking them high in search results. Your VPS will help you with search ranking, hence, provide you a fantastic opportunity to grow the business. VPS helps to make your site high performing with fast loading time. 

You need to enhance your search engine optimization. SEO is the process that comprises of bettering your site’s ranking in search engine. Organic traffic is the most important for business growth. VPS in USA will help you to amp up your SEO performance. VPS ultimately gives more opportunities to grow your online business. 

VPS comes with a separate operating system. You can choose from options like Linux or Windows operating systems. VPS is even better than dedicated hosting for portability. 

You can effortlessly move your application to another server that is portability. Your VPS account is a server image. Your provider can transfer this image to the new server immediately. VPS makes it very easy for you to either upgrade to downgrade. 

4) VPS Offers Excellent Security:

 In shared hosting, your site can face online threats from other websites on the same server. In VPS, you don’t have to worry about what others are doing. You will get a secure virtual space. 

VPS provides you root access. Here, you can implement security measures. VPS in USA offers you a unique IP address. There is less danger of you getting blacklisted due to the malicious activity of other websites. In shared hosting, there is no separate IP address. So, you can get penalized for wrongdoing of sites sharing the same IP address.

VPS hosting provides you the option of manual or automated backup. In case of malicious software attacks, you can effortlessly revert to the old version of the website. Many VPS providers offer protection against DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks can cripple your website leading to financial loss.

VPS comes with a pre-installed firewall that helps to thwart external online threats. You have the option to buy the SSL protocol. It makes your site secure against financial fraud.

VPS providers offer software to protect your data against complete drive failure. Software like RAID secures you against data loss. Thus, VPS offers excellent security against all types of threats.

5) VPS Offers Value For Money:

VPS hosting provides pricing in the middle range. In shared hosting, you will get the cheapest plans. Contrary dedicated hosting has a very high cost.

VPS hosting offers pricing in between of other two hosting. But, it provides the best value for your money. It combines the advantages of the other two at an affordable price.

VPS in USA is cost-effective. You pay exactly for what you use. In dedicated hosting, you own the entire server causing high upfront costs. So, VPS provides the best option. Here, you don’t over-invest for unused extra capacity.

6) VPS Offers A Solution To Many Web Hosting Challenges:

VPS is a fantastic solution for many different web owners. 

  • High traffic e-commerce site: VPS can easily manage seasonal traffic surge.
  • Sandbox: Software developing companies use a sandbox to build and test new software. VPS is the best option to use a sandbox to fix bugs. You can effortlessly scale down when demand ends.
  • Online streaming: VPS provides the performance required to stream, produce video blogs, etc.
  • For domain reseller: VPS offers high power to domain resellers. They can easily customize the control panel to get more scale. 
  • For email server: VPS offers total control over outgoing emails. You can set up filters. VPS provides a high level of security to email servers.

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