Features And Advantages Of Windows Dedicated Server

When you are looking for servers, the options you get are tremendous. From shared server options to many dedicated server options, you will get just the right blend to support your needs. You even get to choose things such as hardware specifications, software applications, and even the operating system.

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When it comes to servers, though Linux is the more popular choice, you can easily go for a Windows operating system. You can as easily choose a dedicated server with Windows as you can choose Linux. This makes looking for servers tedious work as it becomes difficult to understand which specifications to go for.

 A dedicated server is one wherein every component, be it hardware or software is owned by you. Since you own all the components you have unrestricted access to a dedicated server’s hardware and software. This is a game-changer in the long run as you control how all your resources are utilized.

There is no more site crashing because of the unavailability of resources when you need them the most, which is a common problem in shared server hosting. When you are choosing a dedicated server with Windows you are going for a user-friendly choice that is easy to manage and easier to use!

Advantages of Windows Dedicated Server

  • Familiar: Windows is one of the most popular operating systems that are available and hence a dedicated server with Windows is also going to be familiar. You already know how you are supposed to handle a Windows operating system and thus it becomes easier for you to understand the workings of the server. When you go for Linux, you have to learn on the way to use it efficiently.
  • User Friendly: A great thing about Windows is that it is user-friendly. It is built in such a way that you can get anything you are looking for in an instant. All the applications that you are running are very easy to operate over a Windows OS. All the systems are very easily accessible when you are using a dedicated server with Windows.
  • Integration: Windows is a very common operating system. Most of the companies out there are using a Windows OS to run their daily chores. When existing in such an environment, it is better to go for a dedicated server with Windows as it will be easier to integrate this system in an already existing Windows framework. Going for Linux is going to be more difficult when the rest of the environment is based on Windows.
  • Security: Windows servers are not the most secure option of the lot but they are getting better at this game with each passing day. They have included some high-level security options in their OS and this has boosted the security features of a dedicated server with Windows. You can also include additional security features such as standard DDoS protection that will further enhance the degree of security.

Different Types of Control Panel

When you are going for a server to take your business online, one thing that will come in handy is the control panel. Server control panels are very important as these are the centers through which you can control and monitor all the actions in the server. When you are going for windows dedicated hosting you need to check that control panel that you receive.

A highly interactive control panel is always a much better choice as it will grant you much better control. The many control panel options available out there are Plesk, cPanel, zPanel, Webmin, and so on. However, only the Plesk control panel is available for a windows dedicated server.

Plesk is one of the best control panel options available out there for a dedicated windows server. It is backed by all such languages like C, C++, and PHP. Though it is not an open-source setup, it is compatible with both Windows and Linux OS.

The control panel offers IPv6 protection and DNS management. You can also use it over multiple servers easily. The control panel is also compatible with WordPress sites and you may also find dedicated solutions for such sites.

How is Plesk Beneficial for Your Website and Business?

Plesk is one of the best control panels that you can ask for. Its greatness lies in the fact that it is a versatile platform that can be used with both Windows and Linux based operating systems. Not only that, but Plesk is also a handy tool with different kinds of server options, namely, dedicated, shared, and even VPS.

When you are using Plesk for Windows dedicated server hosting, you will find that it is also a very user-friendly tool. With Plesk, you are allowed all kinds of customization to ensure that you get the most out of it. It is also loaded with an efficient site builder that helps you craft the site to perfection.

 This is such a toll that can be used by anybody. Whether you are just a novice or a pro with computer systems, you can use Plesk. The Plesk control panel comes with a tutorial that tells you exactly what to do at every step. The tool also supports multiple languages and thus is great for use. The stability of the Plesk control panel is also very high.

Even with a cheap dedicated windows server coupled with Plesk, you get a high degree of security. This is because this tool is great at identifying malfunctions with your server and also fix them through a troubleshoot program. Thus this gives an excellent user-experience both for you as well as for the end-user!