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Winter Expedition 5 Tips for Extreme Cold Weather

Extreme cold weather can be very challenging for survival. But no matter how frightful the cold weather is there are some useful ways that can help you to cope with the extreme cold. Survivable in winter is much easier if you are ready for it beforehand. Cold weather can be very deadly if you remain unskilled or unprepared. Hence in this article, we have come up with some useful tips that will certainly help you to survive when it is extremely cold outside. The following are some useful instructions that you can apply during extremely cold conditions or during winter Camping Console.

  • Warm Yourself: When there is extreme cold outside the first thing that you need to do is to increase your body temperature than that of the room temperature. So you have to put on an extra layer of clothing to avoid the cold. It is advisable to wear a woolen hat since you can lose 80 percent of your body temperature through your head and as such if you can cover your head by woolen hat then you will be able to protect yourself from losing the body temperature.
  • Stop the exposure of wind and water: Heat is very essential to survive in the extreme cold and hence you must try to stop the exposure of those elements that can reduce the heat. That means you have to reduce the stop the exposure of wind and water. Hence you should wear the moisture-wicking base layer for keeping the perspiration away from getting touched to your skin. This is possible only by covering the skin as much as possible so that you can block the air from whisking the heat away. At the time of sleeping, you should put insulating layers between your body and the ground. Apart from that, you have to make sure that you make your shelter out of snow.
  • Avoid dry eyes, skin and static shocks: Cold temperature, as well as snowy weather, is likely to be the winter’s biggest downers. But it is seen that dry air causes huge annoyances. Due to extreme cold, your skin and eyes can become a lot drier in the winter season and so you have to make sure that you take extra care of your skin and eyes. So, it is advisable to cover your face and eyes. Apart from that, you must use moisturizer. Having a good humidifier and use of static shocks can also help you a lot in this regard.
  • Take an off-season vacation: One great idea to avoid an extreme cold is to go for a vacation to someplace where it is relatively warmer. If you find that it is too cold to live you can go somewhere else instead of experiencing the extreme cold. That is the reason why it is observed that ski resorts remain crowded during the winter season as these are very popular choices for most people who want to avoid the cold atmosphere.
  • Stay healthy and avoid sickness: When the temperature is too cold there are high chances to get sick and so it is always advisable to take a little extra care during the winter season. So, it is advisable to get enough sleep, wash hands properly and most importantly stay active. It’s no wonder that you may have a runny nose, hacking cough, cold, sore throat or headache when there is an extreme cold outside in the winter season and as such before you get ill you should take the preventive measure so that you can avoid such kind of illness.
  • Keep the heat inside your home: During the extremely cold season, you may probably need some sort of heat. But heating your whole house may cost you enough money and so you have to make sure that there is no crack at your home otherwise the heat will be escaped from the crack. In such a case along with the heat, your money will also be wasted. Again you should try to heat yourself instead of heating the entire house. It is advisable to prepare your body for the winter and as such, it is very important to seal off the unused rooms.