Women’s Love Affair With Luxury Handbags

It is crystal clear that women got a big thing with luxury bags. The magazines and social media never fail to update us the trending handbags. The proceeding comments from women are sturdy evidence that women are obsessed with chic-designed handbags.

These items have a magical way of giving one the appearance she needs. Some women better forego a crucial need to own hundreds of handbags. We can’t blame them, especially with their stylish look when carrying them, completing their amazing figures. 

Handbags have existed since the beginning, only that they were less sophisticated. Previously women used to carry their personal items using a reticule, which was well-decorated with handles in damask. Later on, with the fast-growing technology and invention, more complex bags were availed for women. If shoes make a man, then handbags define a woman.

It is hilarious how some of these designer handbags have a massive cost but still appears on the top on a woman’s shopping list. It simply implies that there are sturdy reasons why every ideal lady should own a handbag.

In the next part, I wouldn’t hesitate to give a reason why every woman should own a handbag.

Why do women love luxury handbags?

Handbag is an extension of her personality

Many decades have passed, and we are in a century that women have taken up their positions in a full smack. The days’ women were only homemakers are long gone. You will meet women in top positions in companies and huge institutions. 

Women are naturally private beings. In their meetings and working stations, they will need to carry a handbag for their personal items. The reality is women carry their entire lives in the purses, which includes their most treasured secrets and all they need to be comfortable.

Handbags as a measure of woman’s net worth

Recent research shows that most professional ladies carry handbags.  It is supported by the fact that handbags mostly give a professional and stylish appearance. Besides, the quality of the handbag often indicates a measure of a woman’s net worth. It gives a reason why a lady can inconvenience her budget to purchase a handbag.

You can prove this by the pictures of the widely-known celebrities in magazines with their expensive handbags. Along with showing the celebrity’s taste, they suggest their economic prosperity and act like a splash of the childhood security blanket.

Handbags are invented for women

A handbag was among the changes done after the First World War to indicate the liberation of women. Women own huge bank accounts and are naturally active, hence, a lot of transactions on a single day.

With the multiple transactions, it is unfair for a lady to carry their hard-earned cash in voluptuous skirts. At times it tends to be disrespectful.

At least like a lady, one should carry a handbag as an indication of independence and economic empowerment. Besides, some ladies prefer to have casual wear not to raise any alarms but still have a safe handbag for her cash and other items.

Final Words

Since times in memorial, women’s love for luxury handbags is no secret. Why not, when they bring out their class and, most importantly, hold their toiletries. In addition to that, these bags bring out the best in them.

From the above discussion, you have probably understood the reason why women love luxury handbags. And why they value the bags and take them everywhere they go.