X Jewelry Trends To Spice Up Your Winter Outfits In 2022

With the last autumn leaves falling, it is about time you prep your wardrobe for winter. While you may have shoes and handbags to contrast with your outfits, nothing will make you stand out amongst the crowd more than jewelry. There is no need to go for ‘the more, the merrier’ principle here; a chic pair of hoop earrings or a decent choker or necklace with a turtleneck sweater would do wonders!

You can never compromise on these seemingly little trinkets because they are statement pieces to your outfits. Look into some striking jewelry collections to find pieces that may truly complete your look and make you feel confident. Furthermore, a piece of jewelry can also serve as a concrete reminder of our individuality, as we are exhibiting our unique taste through it.

From classic 80’s sets to abstract jewelry, from groovy loops to charm necklaces, gemstone bracelets to mismatched necklaces, and crystal pendants to whatnot. These days everyone can take their pick with the latest jewelry trends. So how about you take our pearls of wisdom in this regard and check out some of the best jewelry trends for winter that enhance your wardrobe and charm?

1. Dazzling Rhinestones

Everyone has their very own dreamland jewelry and styles they can rock, and rhinestones are the first that come to mind when we say ‘rock.’ These beauties are way more than just a simple accessory when it comes to elegance. Rhinestones are one-piece jewelry that looks awesome with formal attire. Winter is right around the corner, so several events and gatherings are coming up, like Christmas parties and Thanksgiving dinner. You may even get a chance to go on a date during the holidays. And all these places are where these gems will come in handy.

We think you can pull off a stunning Astrid or Corduroy dress with ruffles, tulles, and all with a nice pair of rhinestone earrings. They have a luxurious yet minimalistic tone to them, which is why they are worth a shot!

2. Long Lengths

Long-length jewelry is not just limited to long necklaces. Yep, you guessed it! Long earrings are the best thing you can get your hands on this season since they go well with all kinds of apparel. If you are going for a casual look then, exquisite bead-adorned shoulder grazers or mismatched, vibrant feathery bohemians go hand in hand with sweatshirts, turtlenecks, plaids, and even midi skirts.

However, if you want to highlight your chic side, you can always opt for some sparkly drops in gold or having pearls, or even long fringy embellishments would do great with white jeans and a nice checkered or plain knitwear. So, with such timeless pieces of adornment now in trend, there’s something for everyone in the new collections.

3. Pastel Charmers

Pastel charmers like bijou beads, mantra necklaces, Lucite bracelets, and resin earpieces are harbingers of nostalgia for your early teens. The good thing is that these playful decorations are still around for your use.

These jewelry pieces look charming with everything you wear, from classic blazers and jeans to lace blouses and whimsical printed skirts. Stretch bracelets, brightly colored beady layering and other cutesy trinkets with super quirky hues are just a few of the appealing features of these funky accessories. We reckon it is one heck of a hip trend that is a must in your winter wardrobe.

4. Lustrous Silver

There is a reason why the expression ‘silver spoon’ uses silver and not gold. Although the latter is way more expensive, the former is not so far behind in luxury. Thus, you can wear them with every outfit you like – they make everything look sophisticated and unique!

With its evolution according to modern times, we think silver is the best bet you can make when it comes to durable jewelry that stays attractive for years to come. What’s more, it does not limit itself to simplistic wrist bands or wedding rings. Instead, there is more variety in silver jewelry than you can imagine. From pendants and lockets to bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches and much more – the options are endless!  

5. Polished Pearls

As Coco Chanel rightly said, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Over the years, pearls have undergone a major transformation. From black pearls to the common white ones, to extravagant and baroque ones, we reckon you can never get too much of ‘em!

Moreover, layering in necklaces is always in fashion, and when it comes to pearls, even a single piece can give you a look of elegance and finesse. Plus, you can wear pearls on everything and at all occasions. Yep, not just the formal ones. In winters especially, they stand out as being even more lustrous and radiant.

6. Glitter And Gold

Gone are the days when glitter was seen as cheap. Rather, nowadays, the more glittery stuff you have, the merrier. After all, doesn’t love sparkles, right? So, when it comes to glamorous jewelry, you cannot overlook glitter. However, if you want to make a bolder statement right from the get-go, then gold is your thing. You can get yourself ring chain lockets in gold, or if you are going for a more minimalistic look, then you can check out golden studs, as they too would go well with a loose sweater. You can get a shimmering pendant that may go well with your facial highlights and give you a warmer tone in the chilly weather.

7. Blooming Brooches

Brooches are a classic piece of jewelry that never goes out of style. In winter, brooches are one heck of a statement piece that will give you a unique look and add some substance to your dressing. In addition to this, these trendy cloth adornments go really well with midi skirts, slick faux-fur jackets, soft knitwear, and the likes.

From blooming flowers to autumnal ferny brooches for a rusty look to beautiful and radiant brassy ones for a more simplistic yet trendy persona, you can now increase your glam in a more personalized way by choosing these embellished apparel enhancers.

8. Pristine Crystals

Crystals are the best when it comes to jewelry. Not only are they powerfully alluring accessories, but there are other charms to them as well. It is said that these lucid trinkets are not only appealing but are also negative energy absorbers.

You can now wear these beauties as pendants in long chains or as earrings; even brooches and rings would look fantastic. Plus, due to their transparent and lucid nature, they look stunning with everything, be it casual or formal wear. Hence, they are perfect both as your trendy winter wear accessory and as a charm to drive away your winter blues to boot!

In a Pendent

Trust us when we say these trends are anything but subtle when it comes to bringing you into the limelight. It is high time you shift your style from funky summers to cool and crisp winters, and here’s where well-selected jewelry always does the trick.

Furthermore, you can also check out options like minimalistic tiaras if you are going for a bigger and bolder look. Otherwise, you can simply stick to dainty beads and abstract bracelets, rings, and earrings. Each of the options that we mentioned in our list is elegant in its own right and will go great with your desired look, making sure that you head on every path you cross. So why wait when you can look great?!